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London HeathrowLHRPakistan International AirlinesFlights from London Heathrow to LahoreFlights to Lahore from London Heathrow
ManchesterMANPakistan International AirlinesFlights from Manchester to LahoreFlights to Lahore from Manchester

Flight Summary

Regular flights to Lahore are available from several UK cities in addition to London. Malaysia Airlines also offer a stopover in Lahore on some of their flights from London to Kuala Lumpur.

Destination Summary

The heart of Pakistan is also its shop window.

Quick Facts

  • Airport Code: LHE
  • Miles From London: 6287

James Says

Flights to LahoreDespite being Pakistan second biggest city, with a population of some six million people, finding flights to Lahore from the UK is notoriously difficult.Flights to Lahore price comparison January 7 2009We like to do price comparison tests at short notice, because this gives the best examples of the variance in available prices. However, flights to Lahore were very difficult to come by on the dates checked (leaving on January 14). ;Compared with flights to Karachi, which are available from a reasonably wide range of UK airports, we could only find flights to Lahore from London (£754). ;Trying different dates brought the price down a little bit --for example, in mid-April, flights to Lahore were available for £567, with Etihad via Abu Dhabi. Using our search partners Ebookers, we could not find any flights to Lahore from UK regional airports. ;Lahore is an example of a destination where we would certainly recommend using a specialist travel agent, although if you're looking to travel around Pakistan, you should have no problem booking flights to Karachi online as an alternative.Note about travel between Lahore and Karachi It is certainly a great deal easier to find flight deals to Karachi, compared to Lahore. ;We looked at travel by land between Lahore and Karachi. ; According to Pakistani railways, the journey from Karachi City to Lahore - a distance of approximately 600 miles - takes just three hours, but according to discussions on the Virtual Tourist website, the journey takes a much more realistic 17 hours! ;See also - Seat 61 or Lonely Planet's discussion about internal travel in Pakistan.Note that PIA do operate flights to Lahore from Karachi, and there are also flights with budget carriers such as Air Blue and Shaheen Air. Lahore or Amritsar? Searching for flights to Lahore will sometimes also giving the option of flying to Amritsar instead. ;The cities might be in completely different countries, with no love lost between them, but they are just 31 miles apart from each other down the Grand Trunk Road. In December 2005, a bus service linked the two cities for the first time in six decades, but don't expect a high frequency service - only one bus operates each week between the different sides. It should also be noted that crossing the border can take many hours.

Mark Says

In days of yore, Lahore was one of the Mughal dynasty's foremost hotspots for commerce and trade, and it remains much the same today, albeit with the city's vast marketplaces - like the sprawling Hafeez Center - selling computers and modems rather than teas and spices. Still, there are plenty of potential customers: Lahore is home to some four million people, amongst them the top players in the Pakistani media. Lest all this commercial bustle get too much, it also happens to be blessed with several of the country's finest gardens. Considering the pace at which Lahore moves, it's a miracle - and a particular delight - that so many of the Mughal dynasty's major monuments have been preserved for posterity. Chief amongst these: the Royal Fort (or Shahi Qila), dating from the 16th century, in the grounds of which visitors will find the striking red sandstone of the Badshahi Mosque. There's history from seemingly every century: the Shalamar Mughal Gardens, from 1642, and - bringing matters slightly more up-to-date - the aptly-named Golden Mosque, from 1753. The Lahore Museum is generally regarded as the best in the entire country, with fascinating exhibits on two of the world's oldest civilisations - the Mohenjodaro and the Harrapa - alongside Buddhist stone sculptures, Islamic, Hindu and Jain carvings, and - rather incongruously - a bronze statue of none other than Queen Victoria. Outside, the festival of Basant (the festival of kites) consumes Lahore in the first two weeks of February, when the city's skies are filled with the most vibrant, delicate and beautiful of hand-crafted creations - and the commuters and passers-by below attempt to disentangle themselves from the kites' ubiquitous strings…